Contract Address:

Ticker (symbol): SVS

Decimals: 18

Registration for the Salvus (SVS) token is open to the public. The registration period is from the 13th of February to the 22nd of March, the airdrop of the SVS token will be held from 23rd of March to the 25th of March. To participate, submit your ERC20 compatible wallet below.

If you would like to recieve more SVS tokens, read the CONTRIBUTORS section below and recieve 75,000 SVS and 7,500 PXA tokens. There will not be an airdrop of PXA tokens, there will be a distribution to contributors.

Click the REGISTER button below, fill in the fields and follow the steps to be able to participate in the airdrop.


Salvus Solutions will not hold an ICO because we are not interested in creating profit and taking money from people, unlike other blockchain projects, we find it morally better and also consider that investing time in the development of what we have set out to do is time better spent that time collecting money from people we don’t know.

Since we won’t hold an ICO, we will need some sort of funding, for this, we created a contribution system to help fund this project along the way. In this system, contributors are people that donate ETH and help fund this project, this contributors will get special rewards for donating/contributing ETH.

Reward Rate

1 ETH = 75,000 SVS 7,500 PXA

To carry out the airdrop we will need a minimum of $1,000 and any person that contributes/donates ETH and helps us achieve this $1,000 minimim will have a 50% higher reward rate. The minimum contribution amount is 0.05 ETH.

Contribute Ethereum to the address below to have the benefits of the special reward!

Send ETH to the address below to be able to receive the special VIP reward rate!


The protection of sites from DDoS attacks or any cyber attack through innovative mitigation techniques. Sites with improved content distribution networks covering more demographics through the usage of pools.
To store and encrypt data on a network of pools with nodes, in order to avoid a SPOF and increase security along with the rate of upload/download speeds through the use of the decentralization of the network.
For secure communications, buying, selling, exchange of data and messages between entities (with option to be anonymous) and the ability to create/view valuable content and be remunerated.

Token Structure

Structure, Goals and Details of Salvus and Plexra Tokens


  • 70%-Airdrop
  • 25%-Development & Expenses
  • 5%-Founders
  • 1,000,000,000 Total Supply


  • 80%-Content Creators
  • 15%-Development & Expenses
  • 5%-Founders
  • 100,000,000 Total Supply

Salvus Token


The Salvus (SVS) token will have 70% of its total supply airdropped, and will be distributed equally among all participants.

Regarding Dev & Exp, this will include marketing costs, maintenance, research, consulting and contribution contribution rewards, among other costs that might arise.

The Founders 5% stake will be locked for a period of 1 year and no more than 10% of this stake can be sold in one month.


Token Information

Salvus Token

Contract Address:

Ticker (symbol): SVS

Decimals: 18


Plexra Token

Contract Address: coming soon!

Ticker (symbol): coming soon!

Decimals: coming soon!



Plexra Token


The Plexra (PXA) token will not be airdropped, 15% of it will distributed to individuals that contribute ETH (as mentioned in Contribution section), this same percentage will also be used to pay for additional costs that may arise, this include marketing, licensing and legal framework.

The Plexra app will have content creators and individual that participate in the development of this product, through the completion of certian tasks, like creating content, bringing in other individuals, subscriber fees and other tasks.

The Founders 5% stake will be locked for a period of 1 year and no more than 10% of this stake can be sold monthly.


Our Strategy and Project Plan

Our mission is to create a reliable, secure, efficient and low cost solution where entities can request site protection and distribution, safe decentralized storage, secure communications through our Plexra app and the ability for other developers to create dApps with this blockchain and utilize all the benefits this brings.

1st Quarter

Feb, 2019
Airdrop registration for Salvus (SVS) is made available and is consequently airdropped

Liberation of a provisional whitepaper, to provide a better understanding of this project
Mar, 2019
Listing on exchange(s) of Salvus (SVS)

Early plexra (PXA) token distribution to donators supporting this project

2nd Quarter

Jun, 2019
Optimization of pools-to-blockchain interoperability and integration of processes needed to sustained this interoperability
May, 2019
Pre Alpha development and integration of DDoS and CDN solution along with first stages of the app which helps deliver this solution
Apr, 2019
First stage of smart contract development; covering Nature of Relations (NoR) and payment processing

3rd Quarter

Jul, 2019
Node-to-pool communications optimization

Node processes and restraints for storage in CDN is established

Decentralized storage solution begins development with high interoperability with the DDoS and CDN solution
Aug, 2019
Hiring individuals for Salvus and Plexra teams; UI/UX developer(s), app developer(s), public relations/marketing
Sep, 2019
Second stage of smart contract development with the main focus being on storage and retrieval duties in the decentralized storage solution

4th Quarter

Oct, 2019
Proof of Replication & Proof of Storage processes development

Final whitepaper release
Nov, 2019
Plexra app development begins
Dec, 2019
Atomic swaps for plexra app implemented (optional)

DDoS and CDN, decentralized storage solutions on final stages of development
Jan, 2020
Alpha release of Plexra app

Alpha release of DDoS and CDN solution

Decentralized storage solution will be implemented once DDoS and CDN reach a certain point of growth
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
CEO, Developer-Flipped - Copy
Milan Novák
Founder, Developer

Previous experience as a venture capitalist on FinTech and IT companies.
Has 2 year experience with Solidity and C++ while working with a previous blockchain solution.

CFO, Business Relations - EXF
Bashir Kadyrov
CFO, Business Relations

Worked at an investment bank for +10 years and has established great relations with key people around the world.

Has superb management skills for finances and resources.

Developer - EXF
Remy Wassen

Has +10 years experience with coding in different languages and participated in other blockchain projects, with intense participation and interaction on the ethereum blockchain.

Developer-3 - EXF
Rashad Firas

Has previously worked with middle eastern IT companies, developing various blockchain projects and also has degree in computer sciences.

Volunteer - Copy

Has previous experience with UI/UX design and has worked as a marketing manager for five years at multinational corporations.

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